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We specialise in product and underwriting expertise in the areas of Life, TPD, Trauma, Income Protection and Business Expense covers. 

Our team is extremely knowledgeable across the gamut of risk insurance policies and technical underwriting issues, as well as advanced policy administration which pays huge dividends for our clients in the following ways:               


Our staff knows how to read blood results, pathology reports and medical correspondence which is highly unusual in this industry and has been crucial to fast-tracking applications and enabling us to negotiate the best possible outcomes with a range of insurers. We have significant experience in establishing an applicant’s insurable income which is essential in financial underwriting. Beyond this, we are highly successful in getting third parties (such as accountants and doctors) to release the required information which is often a bottle-neck in the underwriting process. 


Policies are very dynamic and have a huge array of variables. Our staff are highly knowledgeable in this area and diligently capture the required data within Xplan. We understand innately how to navigate the various Life Offices to find the right people to help solve problems as they arise. 


Claims management – we use our policy knowledge, medical and financial understanding and strong relationships to expedite the claims process. In short, we ensure our clients get what they are entitled to.

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